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Searching For Real Estate In 2013

Infographic Searching for Real Estate in 2013

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Amongst other things, this info graphic reveals that more and more buyers are turning to the Internet to help them find their home. To get an idea of what this really means, real estate related Internet searches on Google have grown 253% over the past 4 years!

Searching For Real Estate In 2013

“Searching For Real Estate In 2013” is an infographic that you can use to get acquainted with new methods that buyers use to search for their home. One of the most persistent trends has been the increase of online real estate searches. Not only have Internet searches on Google grown 253% over the past 4 years, but also 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine throughout their research.

This ‘mobility’ feature reveals itself in the shape of a sort of “home research on the go”, with 77% doing it at home, 31% at work, 28% in a waiting line, 27% at a restaurant, and 26% at other people’s homes. On average, buyers will perform an average of 11 Internet searches prior to taking action on a real estate website. The great majority of people begin their research with a local term, like “San Francisco homes for sale”.

The main consequences of this online search are then reflected on the actions taken, with a notable 76% driving by and/or viewing a home. 62% of people walked through a home they have previously viewed online; and for 32%, Internet search has allowed them to find the agent used to search and/or buy their home.

Online videos are one of the main resources used by ‘Internet buyers’. As many as 54% of buyers took tour of a house, apartment, or neighborhood. The most widely used web site is YouTube (51%), followed by brokerage websites (41%) and others (8%).

When compared with ‘Internet buyers’ search habits, some peculiar features of the so-called ‘traditional buyers’ emerge. To start with, the traditional buyer previewed 21.7 homes, whereas ‘Internet buyers’ only previewed an average of 6.65 homes. But while the average ‘Internet buyer’ spends almost 6 weeks of research before they contact an agent, the ‘traditional buyer’ researched for less than 2 weeks! As far as interviewing real estate agents is concerned, ‘Internet buyers’ interviewed about half as many real estate agents as ‘traditional buyers’ before selecting a realtor! In the final moment of purchase, 91% of homebuyers who used the Internet to search for a home purchased through a real estate agent, as did 71% of non-Internet users.

Let’s now see real estate buyers and renters differences where search habits are concerned. More buyers consulted the Internet during their search: 60% against 43% of renters. 60% is also the percentage of buyers that consulted friends, family, or co-workers, compared to 16% of renters. 57% of renters use the newspaper, against 39% of buyers; and while 17% of renters consulted the radio or TV in their search, only 12% of buyers did the same. But all these differences disappear when seeing how many used a real estate agent: 49% of buyers, and 48% of renters.

Searching For Real Estate In 2013 from YouRealty

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