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Connecting With Real Estate Agents In 2013

Infographic Connecting with Real Estate Agents in 2013

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Amongst other things, this infographic reveals that realtors® are confident about the near future. In fact, 84% believe that real estate values and the number of transactions will increase in 2013. Other interesting statistics will help gain both an in-depth knowledge on how homebuyers choose a realtor®, as well as an overview of how these agents communicate with their clients through mobile and social media.

Connecting With Real Estate Agents In 2013

“Connecting With Real Estate Agents In 2013” offers several statistics that are very useful if you are looking to draw the profile of the typical realtor®. First of all, the typical realtor® is a 57 year old white female who attended college and is a homeowner. In fact, more than half (57%) are female, while male agents account for 43%. The median real estate experience of realtors® is 13 years. Experience plays an impressive and important role on how much a real estate agent earn. With 16 years or more experience, realtors® have a median gross income (MGI) of $57,300, an amount that highly decreases for an agent whose experience does not go beyond 2 years, in which case the MGI is $9,700!

One other typical trait is that realtors® are mostly independent contractors (81%); and only 6% are employees (with 13% in other categories). Of those who are affiliated with firms, the median tenure at present is 7 years. As far as formal education is concerned 30% have some college, yet another 30% hold a bachelor's degree, 13% are graduate degree and above, 11% have an associate degree, 9% are high school graduate, and 8% have some graduate school. One other specific trait of realtors® is that a great majority, 84%, is confident that real estate values and the number of transactions will increase in 2013.

Let’s now take a look on some of the tools realtors® use on their daily work., Zillow and Trulia are the top places chosen by realtors® for their listings. Mobile and social are ever mover adopted as a means of communicating with clients, with 94% using a mobile device and 89% using social media to some extent. Facebook is the most famous social network among 79% of realtors®, with Twitter coming in second as a choice for 48%. Agent-related videos on YouTube is another resource, with 19,200 results for how to find a real estate agent, and 88,400 results for real estate agent.

The statistics regarding how buyers end up choosing a realtor® tell us that they most commonly choose a realtor® based on a referral, with trustworthiness and reputation being the most important factors. Contrary to what we might think, the commission charge apparently does not play a role at all, as only 1% of sellers chose a real estate agent based on that factor.

What’s more, when asked, 72% off realtors® are willing to negotiate commission. However, only 31% of homeowners have asked! With trustworthiness playing such an important, and the commission amount being somewhat disregarded, it comes as no surprise to know that 89% of buyers are likely to use the same realtor® again, or recommend others to them.

As for sellers working with real estate agents, 80% used full-service brokerage, 8% chose limited services, and 12% used minimal service.

Connecting With Real Estate Agents In 2013 from YouRealty

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